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Breast Cancer  101

Our goal is to increase the knowledge of high school thru adult age women about breast cancer and to encourage their commitment to lifelong breast health. As envisioned, program participants will in turn educate and encourage their female relative and friends to do a monthly breast self-exam and have routine screening for breast cancer.

Know Thyself


Empowering Survivors & Caregivers

Our goal is to offer rejuvenating tips to survivors and caregivers in an effort to reduce stress. As well as to motivate survivors with forward empowerment with life during and after treatment.

ABreast to Change



Connected for a cause and executing a solution!

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Health, Wellness, & Awareness Coaching

Nurture Yourself Back to Health

Restored by the Pen, Co-Author, Speaker, Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survivor, Certified Breast Health Educator and Board Certified Professional Coach will coach you up to your greatness. From Pain. Prayer. Purpose workbook you'll have a chance to be restored by your pen.

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